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Friday, September 30, 2011

TGIF (14): Sept. 30, 2011


TGIF is a feature at GReads which recaps the posts for the week and has a different question each week for bloggers to answer.

This Friday's Question:

Banned Books: How do you feel about the censorship of the freedom to read? Do you think the education system needs to be more strict on what children are exposed to in books?

I do not believe that anyone should be censored from reading something they want to read.  The censorship of books is going to lead to censorship in other areas of life.  Where does it stop?  What will they censor next?

Each book has a purpose.  Whether that purpose is a life lesson or just something to relate to, everyone deserves the right to read that book.  Can you imagine a life without books?

Parents are trying to ban books based upon sexual content, racism, pregnancy, foul language, etc.  Are some parents just clueless?  How many children are exposed to racism on a daily basis from classmates.  How many children learn about sex or teen pregnancy because their friend experienced it?  How many children hear foul language at home or from those around them?  Banning books doesn't equal protection for children.  Children are going to learn about these subjects whether it is in a book or from a friend.  I don't know what the difference is.  If a child wants to read a book that is written for their age bracket, let them.

I understand that some children are farther along in their reading capabilities than what might be appropriate for their age.  Then, I think a parent should be aware of what their child is reading.  I have a niece who is two grade levels higher in her reading level, but wouldn't necessarily understand the content of the books made for those grades.  Her mother does take care in making sure she is reading books that are listed as appropriate for her age group.  I wouldn't consider this censorship, so much as making sure the book is on topics she can either relate to or that make sense to her.

What are your thoughts on censorship of the freedom to read?

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