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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Mia has no memory of the accident that changed her life. This inexperienced 17-year-old only recalls riding on that slippery Oregon road with her family, then, in an instant, seeing herself lifted from the twisted wreck. This affecting story of one young woman's struggle through tragedy and grieving will appeal to readers of books like Thirteen Reasons Why.


What will Mia decide?  Will she continue to live or decide to follow her family?  Mia was in an accident with her parents and her younger brother.  She is the only survivor, but will she survive?  This novel takes on the idea that Mia has the choice whether to stay here or go on with her family.  Mia is watching everything happening to herself.  She hears her Grandpa tell her its okay to leave.  She hears her best friend tell her to stay.  She hears her boyfriend tell her to not make him write a song.  Mia is confused and doesn't know how to continue on.  Her friends and boyfriend charged their way into the ICU to see her.  Her Grandpa and Grandma are there, but truly understand if she can't continue to go on.  What will she decide? 

The ending of this novel brought me to tears.  I couldn't help but continuously hope that Mia would choose to stay and live her life, no matter how difficult it may be.  Mia's boyfriend says some amazing things that cause Mia to finally make the choice they've all been waiting for.  The 24-hour period after her accident is life-changing and thought provoking.  The choice Mia makes is one she needs to be ready to live or die with.

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