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Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: If I Die Young by Talia Jager

Publication Date: 5-5-2011
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 136
Format: ebook
Source: Purchased
Challenge: eBook Challenge

Goodreads Summary:

When Caelyn Noel was diagnosed with asthma five years ago, it put a damper on things. Now, she’s sixteen and things are finally going her way. She has loving parents, the best friend ever, and the boy she has had a crush on since elementary school has finally noticed her. Then, she collapses in school one day. To her horror, she finds out her heart is failing and she must have a heart transplant to live. Caelyn struggles with her fear of dying and worries of having someone else’s heart.

Honestly, I knew nothing about this book when I bought it for my Kindle.  It was part of a giveaway in which you could earn extra entries for buying some books from Amazon.  The synopsis sounded interesting and it wasn’t expensive so I thought, why not?  I wasn’t disappointed at all and it was definitely worth the money.

Caelyn Noel has asthma, she’s sixteen, and finally got a boy to notice her.  She is all set to go on her first date when she collapses in school one day.  Come to find out, her heart is failing and has likely been in a state of failure for the last five years.  Asthma was a misdiagnosis.  Caelyn is slowly getting weaker.  She doesn’t have much time left, and she’s trying to come to terms with having someone else’s heart, which is the only way she will possibly survive.

When Caelyn begins to recover she meets a great boy named Austin.  They seem to have such a connection to each other, but she doesn’t want to tell him about the surgery.  She’s scared that telling anyone will make them run the other way quickly.  When she finally makes the decision to tell him, he does just that.  He runs away, but not for the reason she thinks.  It takes some time to figure out, but when everything comes out into the open they realize how much they were meant to be together.  They realize how lucky they really are. 

This is a horrific journey for Caelyn to live through, but a great story.  It has romance/love in it, but also the life-threatening reality of facing death.  Caelyn is working through the emotions of potentially leaving her family and friends forever.  She is trying to come to terms with the idea of death and dying.  It is a sad story at times, but such a heart-warming ending that makes you realize anything is possible if you believe it.  I’m so glad I picked this up on my Kindle, and I recommend you do the same!

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