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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Publication Date: 6/7/2011
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
Pages: 459
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased

Goodreads Summary:
Saba has spent her whole life in Silverlake, a dried-up wasteland ravaged by constant sandstorms. The Wrecker civilization has long been destroyed, leaving only landfills for Saba and her family to scavenge from. That's fine by her, as long as her beloved twin brother Lugh is around. But when a monster sandstorm arrives, along with four cloaked horsemen, Saba's world is shattered. Lugh is captured, and Saba embarks on an epic quest to get him back.

Suddenly thrown into the lawless, ugly reality of the world outside of desolate Silverlake, Saba is lost without Lugh to guide her. So perhaps the most surprising thing of all is what Saba learns about herself: she's a fierce fighter, an unbeatable survivor, and a cunning opponent. And she has the power to take down a corrupt society from the inside. Teamed up with a handsome daredevil named Jack and a gang of girl revolutionaries called the Free Hawks, Saba stages a showdown that will change the course of her own civilization.
Blood Red Road has a searing pace, a poetically minimal writing style, violent action, and an epic love story. Moira Young is one of the most promising and startling new voices in teen fiction.

Saba is a teenage girl living in Silverlake with her family who consists of her brother Lugh, her father, and her younger sister Emmi.  Saba looks up to Lugh even though they are twins.  She considers him the golden-child, but will follow him and do anything he tells her to do.  Saba resent Emmi.  Their mother passed shortly after giving birth to Emmi which caused their father to become a little loopy.

Saba and her family are trying to survive from landfills in this new world.  This is a society that doesn't have the technology that we do, but are rather trying to survive with what we have ultimately left them.  The language that Saba speaks is somewhat of broken English.  You can tell that these children have not been to a school, nor do they recognize what one is.  Saba is a strong-willed character who is doing the best she can for her family when her brother is taken away.  She is trying to find him while making sure Emmi and herself survive.  Saba learns a lot about herself in this novel.  She finds that she is a warrior, a worthy opponent, and a quick thinker.  Saba is a lovable character who carries us through the horrors she experiences in this book.

The dystopian genre is one that I have fallen in love with.  This book did not disappoint me in any regard!  Saba shows us what it is like to survive in this new world.  She discovers what the world is like outside of little Silverlake where her family stayed their entire lives.  Saba finds that not all people are trustworthy, but with a strong heart and a sound mind you can make it through anything.  She discovers how important her family is to her, including her annoying sister Emmi.  I couldn't get enough of this novel.  To imagine a scenario such as those that Saba went through is impossible.  I can't imagine living through what she experiences, but she shows her true self during this time and discovers what kind of person she truly is.

If you love dystopian novels...READ IT!

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