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Monday, March 14, 2011

Undead and Unemployed by Mary Janice Davidson

Synopsis: MaryJanice Davidson is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. Her Undead books are extremely popular paranormal romances. Betsy needs a job and amazingly lands the perfect one–selling designer shoes at Macy's. But the other vamps, including sexy Sinclair, don't want their queen selling shoes. And the vampire hunters are becoming a real pain–murdering innocent vampires. It seems that everyone wants something from Betsy.

Another fast and easy page-turner from Davidson!  Betsy Taylor is a naive individual who gets herself into some crazy situations.  She doesn't seem to think that harm can come to her and even with the situation with the vampire hunters she doesn't have any fear.  She continues on throughout the protests of her friends and family.  Who has ever heard of a vampire working a regular job anyway? This second Betsy Taylor novel is funny, light-hearted, and full of romance.  I wanted to say so many things to Betsy, particularly because she doesn't let her true feelings show.  At least, that is how I felt throughout the book.  Although I would have to admit I enjoyed the first book in the series better, this will not discourage me from starting the third one today.

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