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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

The title character from ABC's hit television series Castle kicks off his new series of books featuring tough and sexy New York police detective Nikki Heat with a bang.


Crap.  That's about the only way to describe this book.  I went in with an open mind hoping to enjoy it, but it took all of my energy just to keep on reading.  It was boring, uneventful, and in no way well-written.  The storyline and plot were all wrong and the characters didn't fit with the show at all.  The TV series Castle is great.  The cast is fun and the shows are enjoyable, but this book ruined it all for me.  I have no interest in reading the second book of the series although I have heard it is much better and falls more in line with the TV series than this book did.  I think I will read some other books now and wait and see if Naked Heat is of any interest to me in the future.  I would not recommend this book to anyone that I liked.

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