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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Art of Seeing by Cammie McGovern

Synopsis: "As a child, the flamboyant, brooding, and beautiful Rozzie was always the star of her family - especially in her younger sister Jemma's eyes.  So when Rozzie takes up acting and, as a teenager, wins a part in a major motion pictures, life changes irrevocably for both sisters.  Rozzie is catapulted into the chaotic adult world of celebrity while Jemma travels to movie sets and relishes her sister's fame - never seeing the strain that the spotlight puts on Rozzie.  Soon Jemma develops her own artistic ambitions as a photographer, and Rozzie is forced to reveal the secret she has kept from her family for years - a rare eye condition that threatens her vision.  Only then does Jemma begin to see the truth about her sister and herself - a reality that threatens the delicate balance of their relationship."

In my opinion, this is a perfect example of the relationship between siblings.  Relationships between older and younger sisters often have their ups and downs, but eventually the siblings are able to see that their relationship is important and their differences are actually similarities.  Rozzie and Jemma have a complicated relationship, but throughout their experiences they realize how similar they are and how much they need each other.  They realize the mistakes they made and start to work together.  When Rozzie loses her sight she seems very strong, but inside she is hurting and trying to find the way of her new life.  I loved this book and the ending seemed perfect for the situations that occurred.  I would definitely recommend this, particularly to siblings because they understand the bond most siblings have.

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